Interested in joining EleVant Rising? 

New members of EleVant Rising are ideally well known by an existing member -whether you're a work buddy or a long-time friend, we maintain our small camp and family feel by growing slowly and with lots of forethought and intention. 

Don't know anyone yet? Find us on playa and make friends at this year's Burn! 

What to expect as an EleVant Rising Camper: 


  • Clear communication via basecamp3, email, and text

  • Transparent organization

  • Work parties and gatherings

  • Projects to work on

  • Direct Group Sale organization

  • Help with organizing carpools/vehicle passes


During Burn week

  • Leads will organize Build and Break schedules with clear duties and timelines. 

  • Based on camp consensus, camp dues will be allocated to various amenities. In the past, these have included:

  • Grey water collection (dish & shower water from individuals and restaurant), Ice

  • Schwag (stickers, wristbands, etc) to give away

  • Infrastructure including shade and scaffolding

  • Vitamins for campers

  • Support for camp restaurant

  • Art projects (such as gratitude cards)

  • Building Projects such as our restaurant table. 


This year, we’ll also be using dues to provide ourselves with more complete camp meals and allocating some resources to Albert the Mutant Matchbox. 



A Decompression gathering, amazing photos!


Expectations for EleVant Rising Campers:


  • Be familiar with Burning Man’s 10 Principles.

  • Answer logistical queries from Leads by the due date (surveys, camp layout questions, timeline questions, transportation, etc).

  • Participate in online camp discussions (basecamp3). 

  • Dedicate a day to working on camp projects between Burns. Projects are determined by camp consensus and work parties will be organized on basecamp3 throughout the year. If you can’t travel to a work party, don’t worry! There are plenty of tasks you can help with from a distance. 

  • Pay camp dues.
    Dues of $100 are due by February 15, 2019.
    Dues go up by $25 every 3 months
    (so dues are $125 by May 15 or $150 by August 15). 
    For campers joining within 2 weeks of the Burn, dues are $175. 


During Burn week

  • Be sober, on time, and well-rested for Burning Man Week Work shift(s). 

  • Work two shifts during Burn week: One will be restaurant focused; one will be LNT focused.

  • Participate in Camp Strike at the end of the Burn. 


Post-burn is Pre-burn! :) 

See you on the playa!

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